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Investment in IPO is now possible via JustTHREE easy steps of login, select and submit. Customer can easily invest in IPOs online through with same expediency of investing in equities - hassle-free and with no paper work at all. JeTrade has made investment in IPO more and more easy and automatic with very simple steps mentioned above. Not only this, customer can apply in IPO with an amount available in Trading Ledger Account.
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Highly automatic trading feature which enables customer to trade in mutual fund online anytime and anywhere. Highly programmed software aids hassle free mutual fund online investment which facilitates time and energy savvy of the buyers as well as sellers along with daily NAV updates. This is a combination of smart investment option over smart & simple trading tool.

This is a comprehensive facility that provides retail customers with an opportunity to invest systematically and in a disciplined manner in specified stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) A unique facility with which customer get the privilege to buy pre-specified amount or for a pre-specified quantity in scrips of their choice at regular intervals over a period of time and also book the profit as selected by the customer.
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Holding securities in electronic form by way of demat accounts with us is a good option for the investors. Customer can open demat accounts for de-materializing shares so that they do not have to save a physical copy. Our company, JeTrade, is a member of National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) since the year 2000 and offers our investors lowest possible rates. There are many privileges of depository services from JeTrade. First, customer does not have to keep physical share certificates. Keeping them in electronic form aids in their immediate transfer through Internet and also saves money by eliminating stamp duties. The paperwork for our investors is reduced drastically and a more managed investment data can be maintained.

JHAVERI Securities Ltd with enormous knowledge in this diversified division of Institutional Investment Service is functioning productively & efficiently to strengthen relation with our overwhelming institutional customers. We strive to provide the highest degree of expertise investment services which help to expand both in a firm & turbulent manner.

Our experienced institutional investment advisors partner closely with cusomters to understand there essential needs, risk management, investment goals and desired outcome in order to provide them with tailored strategies and recommendations.
Contact Details:
Address: Jhaveri Securities Ltd.
B-11, Shubham Center No.2
Cardinal Gracious Road,
Opp. Chakala Junction,
Andheri East
Mumbai – 400 099
Land Line: 022 3297 2444
DID: 022 2838 7539
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