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  02 Dec 22 12:00 AM
Company Name From Date To Date Purpose
   795VRET25   15-Jun-25 15-Jun-25  Priv. placed Non Conv Deb Redemption(Part) of NCD 
   NAC27MAY21   24-Jul-23 24-Jul-23  Priv. placed Non Conv Deb Payment of Interest & Redemption of NCD 
   Nath Industries   26-Dec-22 28-Dec-22   E.G.M. 
   Genomic Valley   24-Dec-22 30-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Globe Commercials   23-Dec-22 29-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Valecha Engg.   23-Dec-22 30-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Bambino Agro Inds.   23-Dec-22 29-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Dharani Finance   23-Dec-22 29-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Trade-Wings   23-Dec-22 28-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Consolidated Constn.   22-Dec-22 27-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Tips Films   21-Dec-22 27-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Sintex Industries   20-Dec-22 26-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Sudal Industries   19-Dec-22 26-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Quantum Digi Vision   17-Dec-22 23-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   RCF   17-Dec-22 23-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   RM Drip and Sprinkle   16-Dec-22 21-Dec-22  R M Drip and Sprinklers Systems Limited has informed the Exchange that Register of Members & Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from 16-Dec-2022 to 21-Dec-2022 for the purpose of Meeting. 
   Eureka Forbes   16-Dec-22 22-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Take Solutions   16-Dec-22 23-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
   Baroda Extrusion   16-Dec-22 22-Dec-22   E.G.M. 
   IFCI   16-Dec-22 22-Dec-22   A.G.M. 
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