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Financial risk is associated with every individual and takes a different form in varied situations. Managing these risks for an individual precisely for his special risk management needs is not less than an art and we, at JeTrade of JHAVERI group, are experts in taking care of all your financial risk management needs. We not just manage your finances, but also thrive to solve your problems with expertise and up to date knowledge about the subject. With our experienced professional service, you can be sure of your finances being managed well.

JeTrade has adopted the philosophy of JHAVERI group. JHAVERI is one of the leading stock broking houses in Gujarat. It was incorporated in 1992 and now serves over 1, 00,000 clients in the same sector. At JHAVERI, we offer you honest and reasonable services through our number of business associates, the number of which has now crossed the mark of 350.Sustained growth of JHAVERI group are like a booster for the Gujarat primary and secondary markets.

Our financial and wealth management services includes e-trading of the major shares in various sectors. In addition, we also offer other financial services such as Mutual funds, commodity trading, derivative trading, equity trading and initial public offers. Our currency derivatives are trustworthy financial services offered to our clients in addition to our depository services and more value added services.

The common winning ideas shared by JHAVERI and now JeTrade can be put into words by following:
  • Membership in all the major stock exchanges & depositories in India such as NSE, BSE,MCX, NCDEX, NSDL
  • Maintaining an expert panel that provides profitable methods and guidelines for the wealth management and commodity trading online
  • Transparency in all the business transactions through strategically locating our offices that are easily accessible to our clients
  • A constant upgradation of the services by investing more in capital, human resource and infrastructure
JeTrade’s vigil eye on the market movements and analyzing the trends, help in producing sound future investment opportunities for its customers that are much more than just a gut feeling of the industry experts. Precise data collection and calculations of the latest trends and industry news keep our employees going at a fast pace to deliver sustained quality output to you. A combination of our expert human resources and latest infrastructure delivers maximum profitable wealth management solutions to our clients, with whom we maintain a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and a concrete belief.

Diversity of our clientele describes how we cater to different wealth management needs of different investors. No matter how big or small their investment is, we offer the same quality services with precision and accuracy for them to earn maximum profits. Our e-trading allows them quick access to various markets’ latest news, latest stock updates and instant opportunities to trade in their stock by registering with us as an investor. Clients can connect with us through our website, take part in various discussions on financial matters, and gain from advisory pieces from the industry experts.

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